The Best Live Event Organizing Tips for 2024

Technology and trends are advancing in every industry. Even live event organizers have a lot to keep up with. In order to bring in registrants, keep attendees happy, guarantee return guests, and boost revenue, events today should be modernized and streamlined.

To set up your next event for success, here are the top event registration trends and strategies to focus on in 2024.

1. Optimize Your Landing Page and Registration Form

Prospective attendees will first see your event website’s landing page when deciding whether to register. Once guests have decided to move forward, the registration form must be well-considered so these potential guests will stay interested.

To ensure registration is easy for attendees, start by selecting an event registration software program that allows you to customize the landing page. Make it attractive and exciting! Design your page to be visually enticing with your event’s unique branding and color scheme. Craft a stand-out headline and copy that will make the event seem irresistible. It is also crucial to make sure your call to action for registration is clear.

Likewise, your registration form should be easy to read and have clear instructions. Don’t clutter forms with unnecessary information and questions—that can scare your potential registrants away. Keep the process simple yet engaging.

2. Integrate Your Email Marketing

Email marketing is an important part of live event organizing. Once you have your registrants’ email addresses, follow up with them to share ongoing information about the upcoming event.

It’s a balancing act to avoid bombarding attendees with information while ensuring you share enough so they’re not left wondering what to expect. Write all your emails to be concise but exciting, enough to keep the guests’ interest piqued.

3. Offer Promo Codes and Discounts

It’s 2024—people are looking for every way to save money. Consider offering promo codes, discounts, and tiered ticket pricing.

Some examples of what you could offer include early bird discounts, group discounts, VIP status upgrades, and one-day passes. People are often looking for something other than a one-size-fits-all approach.

4. Ramp Up the Urgency

Potential registrants may be more likely to commit to attending your event when they are approached with a sense of urgency. A last-chance sale is one way to convey urgency. Other ideas include sharing a live countdown of the event on your website and social media accounts and sending out reminder emails as the event gets closer.

5. Spread the Word on Social Media

If you’re not already utilizing social media to spread the word about your event, now’s the time to start doing it. Using social media effectively can be complicated, but there are a few strong strategies to try out:

  • Create a unique event-branded hashtag
  • Share countdowns and sneak peeks of the organizing progress
  • Ask your speakers and sponsors to share your posts and tag you in theirs
  • Share a live feed of social posts from your attendees on the day

Use social media analytics to find what creates the most engagement with your audience.

6. Analyze the Data

Social media is only one data source you should be analyzing. To optimize an event, choose an event analytics software program to assess your successes before, during, and after an event. It is also essential to review your marketing efforts. Marketing data can include email analytics, landing page data, registration form metrics, and more.

By analyzing all the available data, you can tweak marketing campaigns and event processes to bring in even more registrant’s next time. Studying the data will also help you learn how to push those attendees who are on the fence toward attending your event.

7. Streamline Your Registration and Check-In Process

You should set a good impression when your guests enter the door. One of the most effective ways to do this is by eliminating long lines; you can do this by utilizing on-demand badge printing. When you use onsite badge printing for your event, the entire check-in process will go smoothly and more quickly.

For those registrants who didn’t upgrade to VIP status before your event but wish to do so during check-in, efficient event management software should offer one-click upsells to keep the line moving.

8. Highlight Sustainability

Focusing on sustainability is a massive trend in 2024, and you can easily do so in one simple move. When you choose onsite badge printing, you’ll drastically reduce the number of badges printed overall. You are eliminating the need to print badges for no-shows or reprinting misspelled or error-ridden badges. A simple sign explaining how your choice supports sustainability can go a long way.

As a bonus, use recycled lanyards—like those made from recycled plastic bottles—to make even more of an impact.

9. Integrate All-In-One Event Management Software

To make your behind-the-scenes efforts as effective as possible, you should find event management software that provides every tool you need. This may include simplifying the registration process, streamlining check-in, and utilizing QR codes for attendee data tracking.

There are dozens of ways to make positive, lasting impressions on your guests at any event. To modernize and fully bring your event into 2024, ensure you follow these strategies for maximum success.


The Best Live Event Organizing Tips for 2024

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