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Unlock Enhanced Attendee Value: Tailor Experiences with Exclusive Upsells, Custom QR Codes, and Deep-Dive Analytics.

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What Is In The Room?

The Live Event Software to Rule Them All

In The Room is an event in a box hardware and software platform that allows live event and conference coordinators the ability to create a hassle-free experience for attendees from registration.

Our software and hardware product enables the scalability and speed of a self-service event check-in process with the ability for monetization on check-in VIP offers and upsells.

Seamless check-in with vendor tools and real-time event management analytics make In The Room a must-have for any live event or conference.

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Self Service Event Check In

Scalable Self-Service Event Check In with VIP Upsells

Leverage your event staff efficiently and reduce wait times by empowering attendees to self-service during you event’s registration / check-in process.

In addition, elevate your event experience with ‘In The Room’s’ in-app VIP order bumps. This intuitive feature enhances the attendee journey, allowing for instant, hassle-free upgrades without ever leaving the app.

Tools for Event Success

Live Event Software Features

In the Room - Live

Scalable Check-In

Self-service kiosks maximize your event staff’s efficiency and reduce attendee check-in time.

Live Event Software Features

Event In a Box

Hardware and software is provided to work seamlessly without technical limitations.

Live Event Software Features

Upsells & Monetization

Craft VIP offers and upsells available at event registration to increase order value and curate VIP experiences.

Live Event Software Features

Real-Time Data & Analytics

See who is “in the room” to understand live event metrics for attendance and sales opportunities.

Live Event Software Features

Vendor Scanning

Improve vendor success by capturing data on who visited vendor booths for post-event sales.

Live Event Software Features

Setup & Support

Guided setup process with In The Room specialists to get you setup for success for your next event.

Ready for an Onsite Event Management Software Platform?

Contact our team to book a free demo of In The Room and see how our in person event platform can help with everthing from badge printing to live event data capture.

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In The Room

Not Just Badge Printing, It’s an Event Management Platform In a Box

In The Room helps live events run smoothly and efficiently from registration to keynotes.

Contact us to book a demo with a specialist to experience how In The Room’s Event in a Box solution will help you run your next event from badge printing to post-event marketing.

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